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Ricoh XR-X 3000

I bought this camera for manual mode, exposure lock and spot metering. But soon I stopped using it, because I bought the MZ-5n, which has these features and is easier to use.

I bought the camera from MR-kamera and took only couple days until the top plate LCD started to fade and I send the camera back to shop and they repaired it. Since that I haven't had any trouples with the camera (I have shoot about 10 rolls of film with this camera).

I don't recommend the camera for people who have to wear glasses since the viewfinder display is not easy to read with glasses and the camera doens't have diopter adjustment.

Features & Technical data

Mode & Settings selector
Ricoh has Mode and Settings selector on the right side of the top of the camera. There are 3 modes: L (Lock), A (Aperture automatic mode) and M (Manual). In manual mode the shutter speed is set by pressing the up and down buttons on the back of the camera (where your right thumb usually is).

Change the settings by pressing up & down buttons while the setting is selected.
Settings & Drive modes (clockwise):
- ISO range from 12 to 6400
- PV / AEL, PV = PreView (DOF preview) and AEL = Auto Exposure Lock
- Center weighted metering or spot metering
- Green line (single shot mode)
- Continous shooting
- Auto Exposure bracketing
- Multiexposure (exposure same frame many times)
- 10 sec timer

- Depth of field preview / AEL button on the left side of the lensmount
- Lens release button on the right side of the lens mount
- Flashing red light if using the timer
- Top LCD panel: Shutter speed, metering mode, frame number, battery indicator
- Viewfinder LCS display: shutter speed, +-2 scale (exposure compensation in Aperture mode or exposure indicator in manual mode, metering mode
- Viewfinder has matte glass and microprism circle in center, which has small split image circle inside
- Electronical cable release plug in the backside of camera
- Camera uses 4 AA batterys and seems to be working also 1,2V Ni-Mh rechargeables

- Shutter speeds in manual mode: Bulb, 32s-1/2000s (1/2 stop steps).
- In A-mode up&down buttons set the exposure compensation +-2 EV, 1/2 EV steps
- X sync speed: unknown. Atleast 1/90 seems to be working, maybe 1/125 (I haven't tested)


Ricoh XR-X 3000
Ricoh XR-X 3000
Ricoh XR-X 3000

Huuhaakuukausi 9th, 2006