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Norway 2008


In July 2008 I spend one week in southern Norway photographing the beautiful landscapes of Norway. You can read whole article or jump to photos directly.

Planning and preparing

Planning of the trip - or lack of it...

I didn't want to make any schedule or fixed plan. I have read the guide book and used Google maps at last evening before the trip started. Majority of the planning was done on boat trip from Turku to Stockholm. There where few basic princibles which I tried to follow:
- avoid large cities
- drive as fast as you can to western Norway
- the goal is not to drive big number of kilometers --> don't go further North than to Trondheim

On photography point of view I set goal to photograph:
1. fjords
2. mountains
3. sea shores
Also I would not mind to hike in Norvegian mountains, but that was not intended to be the focus point of this trip. Also I'm interested to see colorful fisher houses, churches, old towns etc.
Preparing for the trip

Preparation started by buying "Insight Guides - Norway" (ISBN 978-981-258-712-1), which is quite good book. It has 140 pages of Norway history, culture and other information. After that part there are 200 pages of introductions to various parts of Norway. In the end of the book there is about 20 pages of travel tips. Book also contains 16 one page maps of parts of Norway or biggest cities.

Norway is very expensive country, even compared to Finland. Therefore I brough all food possible from Finland and also outdoor cooking kit with addition of proper pans and pots since I have the luxury of having car with me all the time.

Finally I checked that car has oil and water and all the lights are working. Ready to go!

PS. Generally I would advice people also check their travel insurances. And if going by car also are repairs covered or replacement car. I used to travel 200+ days/year and still doing travelling more than 100 days/year, so I have my travel insurance in place. What comes to car, "plan B" in case of car breakdown was to pack my stuff to suitcase, which I had in the trunk of the car, and take the licence plates and fly back to Finland. For me this is an option since I drive car which monetary value is less than 1000EUR and in any case if I need to do major repair to car I will just simply exchange the car to other 1000EUR car instead doing expensive repair.

Day 1 (July 19th) - With boat to Stockholm and drive as far as you can...

First day's route is: Tampere(FI) - Turku(FI) - Stockholm(SE) - . And the goal is like header says "get as far as possible". I'm not planning to spend extra time on Sweden on way to Norway, if I come back early then maybe

Tampere - Turku: Alarm clock wake me up at 4:00AM, then quick shower and I was refilling the car's tank at 4:20AM. Then boring drive to Turku and waiting to drive to the boat.

Turku - Stockholm: After admiring views of Turun Saaristo I concentrated on planning where to go in Norway with topographic map of Norway and the guidebook.

Stockholm - Oslo: Driving through Sweden...
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
BoatTurku - StockholmTurku59
FoodLunch at boat"Turku"10
Gasoline50,48LÄrjäng (SE)74,50689,75
Road tollØstfold BompengeselskapMoss2,5220

Photos from day 1:
No photos in picturebank.

Day 2 (July 20th)

CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
Road tollOsloOslo3,1525
FoodDinner & breakfast stuffJoker - Sinnes12,4598,30
FerryLauvik - OanesLauvik6,9455

Photos from day 2:
Heddal Stave Church 1 Heddal Stave Church 2 Hjartdal mountains 1 Hjartdal mountains 2 Hjartdal mountains 3 Eidsborg mountains 1 Eidsborg mountains 2 Eidsborg mountains 3 Lake at Valle Mountains at Gjesdal

Day 3 (July 21st)

ever erverv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FerryHjelmeland - NesvikHjelmeland6,9455
FoodDinner and breakfast stuffSørfjordsenteret13,05103,50

Photos from day 3:
Hjorteland Suldalvaten Nesflaten Odda - waterfall Odda Odda Odda Odda Odda - glacier reflection Odda - living in mountain slope Odda - Låtefossen Odda - Glacier Odda - Glacier detail Odda - city center and fjord Odda

Day 4 (July 22nd)

everv erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FoodFew boxes of "Morellers" for breakfastRoadside9,4675
FerryBrimnes - BruravikBrimnes9,4675
FoodDinner stuffKiwi - Vangen25,25200,30

Photos from day 4:
Espe - Mountains and clouds 1 Espe - Mountains and clouds 2 Espe - Mountains and clouds 3 Bøvre - Panorama 1 Bøvre - Panorama 2 "City" of Ulvik Ulvik - Verafoss Bru Velken falls 1 Velken falls 2 Stalheim - Last light 1 Stalheim - Last light 2 Stalheim - Last light 3 Stalheim - Last light 4

Day 5 (July 23rd)

everv erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FerryFodnes - MannhellerFodnes12,99103
FoodDinner and breakfast stuffKiwi - Lom15,56123,40

Photos from day 5:
Photos to be added here when published

Day 6 (July 24th)

everv erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK

Photos from day 6:
Photos to be added here when published

Day 7 (July 25th)

everv erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FerryKoparneset - ÅrvikKoparneset6,9455
FerryHareid 06 - SulasundetHareid10,0980
FoodDinner and breakfast stuffREMA 1000 - Moa21,00166,50
Road tollParkingÅlesund2,5220
SleepHotel Norlandia BaronÅlesund95,92760

Photos from day 7:
Photos to be added here when published

Day 8 (July 26th)

everv erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FerrySæbø - LeknesetSæbø7,5760
FoodDinner stuffKiwi - Ørsta19,63155,50
FerrySolavågen - FestøyaSolavågen8,2065
FoodStrawberries and drinksSpar - Hellesylt5,4943,50
FerryHellesylt - GeirangerHellesylt29,00230
FerryEidsdal - LingeEidsdal6,9455

Photos from day 8:
Photos to be added here when published

Day 9 (July 27th)

I decided that today I'll drive to Umeå and checked from Tomtom how long it would take and according I didn't spend much time in Umeå, went directly to harbour. Then cooked pepper stakes and booked RG Line boat trip from Umeå to Vaasa. RG Line is very expensive, the boat trip from Turku to Stockholm was 59EUR and this RG Line trip was 125EUR, and the travel distance is about half of Turku - Stockholm!
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
FoodFood to eat in car while drivingICA - Hede (SE)25,77239
Gasoline59,54LBalsjö (SE)84,76786,52
FoodDinner stuffBalsjö (SE)12,98120,46

Photos from day 9:
Photos to be added here when published

Day 10 (July 28th)

Finally going back to Finland. Woke from Umeå harbour at 6, cooked some tea and drove half kilometer to RG Line terminal. The ship seems much worse than the Silja Line boat I took from Turku. There are two large rooms which seats like airplane seats in rows, and then the deck - well that's all... erv
CategoryDescriptionLocationCost EURCost NOKCost SEK
BoatUmeå - StockholmUmeå125
FoodLunch at boat"Umeå"14.40

Photos from day 10:
Photos to be added here when published


I divided the costs to following categories:
- gasoline: 503EUR (314 liters)
- ferries: 105EUR
- boat: 184EUR
- road tolls: 8EUR
- food: 185EUR
- sleep: 201EUR

Total cost was 1187EUR, resulting daily cost of 119EUR/day.

Saab did good job and average gasoline consumption was 7,86 liters/100km on this 3994km trip. I consider this pretty good number since terrain in Norway is what it is and on Sweden and Finland I was driving 120-130km/h most of the time. Average gasoline price in Norway was 1,77EUR/liter, Sweden 1,73EUR/liter and in Finland 1,46EUR/liter. Distances driven daily varied from 130km to 915km, average being 400km/day.


On photography point of view the trip was very good - the goals I set to myself were to photograph and see:
1. fjords - Succeed
2. mountains - Succeed
3. sea shores - Skipped
I would have preferred to photograph more human made stuff (old colorful fisherhouses, churches etc.) but it seems that in 10 days everything cannot be done. Also those, as well as sea shores, are better photographed on more rural North Norway. Maybe next summer North Norway and Finland...

Huuhaakuukausi 1st, 2009