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Leica Vario-Elmar-R 80-200mm f/4

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Typically I don't write articles about single lens, but it seems Leica Vario-Elmar-R 80-200mm f/4 is one of the best performing lenses I have ever tried, and is zoom lens offering much more variable usage than fixel focal length lenses do, it's image quality deserved own page instead just few words in lens page.


Test Scenario 1: Veiling flare

Test Scenario 2: Magenta spot in center

When shooting with 5DmkII I found out that lens creates easily IR hotspot into center of image when shoot at apertures f/11-f/22. Based on this it seems that 5DmkII has very weak IR filter. This means that with this lens some photoshopping is needed when shooting small apertures. On other hand it means that 5DmkII should be pretty good IR camera, which 1DmkIII wasn't since it has very strong IR filter resulting extreme long shutter speeds when used with Hoya R72 filter.

This test can be also be used for evaluation of vignetting since it contains aperture series from f/4 to f/11 (80mm) and f/4 to f/22 (135mm).

Huuhaakuukausi 3rd, 2009