20091213 Major change to site

As you may have found I have been very lazy updating the website. In order to fix this I decided to change to photo blog instead of traditional website. Focus will be more on photos; there shall be more of them, more often published and they are going to be large as well. Also graphical design is fairly simple as you see ;-)

Pictures size is 975 pixels wide for horizontal photos and for vertical I try to make them small enough to fit most displays in fullscreen mode. Therefore readability with mobile phones or mini laptops will suffer. Recommended screen size is 1024x768 (preferrably browser in fullscreen mode) or larger.

Photos are in sRGB color profile unless otherwise identified in the text. I highly recommend modern web browsers with ICC profile support such as Safari and Firefox (newest versions with correct settings). It's possible that Internet Explorer, Opera, Google etc. browsers will catch up at some point but currently they do not support ICC profiles.

Old content can be found from sitemap and old pictures from picturebank. I will remove the old content pages and pictures when I ran out of hard drive space at the server.

Links to old content: Old website
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